Steam Wars – Venusian War Barge

Shock Troopers need to get in close before they can be effective in combat.  The sleek lines of this Martian flier by Oshiro Models fits that look and purpose well.

My Venusians will now have a flier able to carry 2 units of troopers directly into dangers way.

Its stand allows it to soar above the Earthling houses.

I do still need to sort out some sails, for it to be powered by, and figure out a suitable paint scheme for the ship and the troopers.

The Martian forces are coming together in that lovely organic, happenstance, way that makes me believe in fate and a higher power: The mighty Games Master in the sky.

4 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Venusian War Barge”

    1. Its the Martian flyer made by Oshiro Models. If you check out The Red Planet Blog on my main page you will find a link. Its by Jimbibbly who is often seen on the Lead Adventure Forum. The Stand comes separately and is also available through Oshiro. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I have had it for 2 years without doing anything with it…

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