Warhammer 40,000 – Bigger Knights Part Two

More time has been spent in the shed and the Imperial Knights have progressed slightly since last seen.  All of the arms for my two Knights have been built, along with their carapace weapons, and I have decided on the load out for each.  I have decided not to magnetise the arms as I suspect that the weapon options I have are the only ones I will use in this, my second and likely to be less played, 40K army.

As I have a good ‘all rounder’ in the form of my original Knight Paladin, I have decided to go with one ‘shooter’ and one ‘close combat’ option for the two new Knights.

In my excitement, I painted the first armour plates that I had prepared, in the colours that I had decided upon for my close assault Knight. The drawback was that I only had the chassis for the shooter built so far…

Not too much of an issue though as the plates are the same for all Knights of this class and are easily interchangeable.

I quickly dug the plates out from the second Knight and cleaned them up so that they were ready for the knight as I had planned it to be.

Even without their armour to bulk them out, these are imposing models…

So, my close combat ‘Freeblade’ Knight in a Green and White livery.  (The green I used for this chap is Death Guard Green, as the new FAQ clarifies that these Knights can now be used by the Chaos powers as well as the Imperium of man).

The livery of the shooter has kept some of the blue of the original Knights, but I have added in some white plates to give a little more variation in look than I used with the original Knights scheme.  Once these panels are fitted, and the decals are added, I suspect they will have a nice colour variation but match enough to each other to get the army theme I want on the table.

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