Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marine Kill Team

The latest batch to come under a paintbrush in the shed are these Space Marines and Scouts by Games Workshop.  The first of the Scouts were an easy batch to touch up and finish off.  The slightly more time consuming figures were a small Kill Team of six Space Marines.

The last of the scouts have now also been started, but are currently sitting quietly on the shelf awaiting my return…

The focus of this post are the first of my Space Marines that were not originally undercoated in the, now unavailable, Shadow Grey. Two of them are older originals, from my return to wargaming back in the early 2000s. The remaining four are Primaries Marines from the Warhammer Conquest part-work magazine. Two of the early editions of this magazine featured packs of three Primaris Marines on the cover.  I am unlikely to ever collect full squads of Primaris Marines for Warhammer 40k, but a few figures will do very nicely for our smaller Kill Team games.

Two Intercessors each armed with trusty bolt rifles, and one holding an Auspex that might help me hit things if they do ever make it into a game of Kill Team.

Two Reivers each with bolt pistol and combat knife.

An original metal Space Marine Captain and his flamer weilding plastic friend.

The yellow paint scheme of these guys is very different from the majority of my, blue coloured, army but with a left shoulder pad painted in black, they should have something in common with that force.

Not too bad for a half days work…

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