Steam Wars – More Martian Mechanical Marvels

Privateer Press have an ever increasing range of interesting and very individual models.  The Warmachine game held our interests for a week or so but didn’t quite hit the mark.  That said, I have found their model range to be one I return to quite frequently, as the figures are very often ones that are well suited to some of the more obscure games that we play.

Steam Wars is one game that often opens its doors to these varied and interesting steam punk ranges.  The only down side I find to the Privateer Press range of miniatures, is that they do insist on making a simple humanoid miniature out of about 10 pieces of plastic.

These five miniatures are constructed from a frankly obscene 60 parts…

The amount of effort expended in prepping these figures, and cleaning up mould lines on so many tiny pieces, is infuriating compared to the majority of other companies that I know.

The finished miniatures are very effective though, and are likely to look good even with my basic painting skills.  I have a number of completed figures from this range now, and have to admit that I have foolishly purchased another 10 of their multipart figures, which are likely to be next up on the painting and building table..

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