Further Updates On The Deadzone Scenery With A Few Extras.

Only one piece (granted the biggest piece) is left unpainted of the Deadzone scenery I have been working on.  It wont be long before it too gets the fast and dirty paintjob that I am using for these terrain elements.


The rest of the sections are now done, and have been made up in a range of sizes, so that they can be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of layouts.


The smaller elements like the barrels, crates and lamps can be used as objective and scatter terrain.  The footbridge from Hurlbat can be used to bridge the building sections or to widen the footprint of the setup. It also allows for more range in heights for foot troops to move through.


Some platforms are destined to be used by gunners and snipers as their extra height will give a wide view of the table.


Two new storage cylinders or water tanks also got a similar paint job and fit in well when mixed in between the other sections.  These are a couple of the silos made by Sarissa Precision. I picked these up earlier in the year, at Salute, but have only just found themselves a use. These went together easily and look great, but I was slightly upset when I found out that the taller silo does not come with any access ladders.  These are available for £5 each on the Sarissa website (add postage and that goes up to £7.50).

At this price I may wait to see if I can pick some up next time I see them at a show. With everything I have left to paint, even if I did get some, it would likely be a while before I got them done.

Just need to get a game played on these pieces at some point…

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