A Flight Of Fancy And The Start Of The Dystopian Wars

A small change in direction was had recently (probably no surprise to regular readers).  This came about as a result of my long fascination with finding a boat game to play that ticked all the right boxes but remained light and easy to play.

As I have never found that game, any cheap alternative will do I guess.  It just so happens that about everyone I game with has at some point bought (but not always then used or painted) a Dystopian Wars fleet.  In fact I am the only one without one…


Until now…

Well actually I still don’t have one, as this little American fleet is on long term load from a friend. He bought it half painted and as a second fleet, even though he does not paint or play Dystopian wars.  I bet we all know some one like that…  (Or maybe Veganman, you are more special than I thought)


When I say half painted I mean half the ships were fully painted and half were only half painted.  So REALLY half painted.  The problem with this is getting the remaining items, and any new ships, painted up to match.  God alone knows what colours the original owner used but I think I did a fairly good job of finishing them off.


One new addition to the force was the carrier and tiny flyers.  The flyers were easy enough as all were unpainted so I could do what I wanted.  The green metallic colour was more of a challenge on the frigates and carrier to match the original.  The decking came out ok too.


After painting over 50 tiny aircraft my desire to continue was struggling but it was worth it in the end.


Now to see how they play out on the waves.  Only problem is we all seam to have slightly differing rule sets for this one (Versions 1 / 1.1 / 2).  I am sure it will all turn out great in the end…


Next up their first outing…

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