Update – To Do List…

Unsurprisingly I am behind with these posts again (should that read – already…)

Last time I listed the things that I would be attempting to do to get back on track with my projects in the shed.  So, how have I done?

If I am honest, badly.  One reason for the list was a planned ‘Big Game’ that I hoped to get a few new units ready for.  With over 2 weeks to prepare over Xmas I managed to get nothing new done so fielded a Steam Wars force that was just about the same (if a little larger) than my normal army.

The game went ahead as planned and 3 forces converged on a small town controlled by a fourth smaller NPC mechanical force.

The British arrived in style on an aeronef with plenty of jump troopers and machine gunners on board.

The Germans struck hard and toppled my US marine walker before it could do too much damage.

Then went on to attack the aeronef with their own jump troopers (Please remember my own jump troopers were still lying unloved on the painting table)

The US marines reinforcements did come on to force their way towards the town in the end but too late to capture enough to bring them victory.  The Germans were Victorious and the British looked Glorious in their skyship.  The Marines only managed to save face and come in second this time around.

I however still have nothing ticked of my to do list…  Must do better!

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