Steam Wars – Last Playtest Game. 

The last, somewhat rushed, painting run has been due to a planned upcoming game of Steam Wars. It was meant to be our latest playtest game but looking at the way it played out it may have been our last.  All we changed were some simple special rules and a few rules wording issues.  All in all Coronasan has pulled together a fine set of rules, that play simply and quickly, and allow us to get into a game without needing to refer back to a quick reference sheet or book all that often.

The US Navy (me) deployed south of the town while an invading Mechanica force (Coronasan) approached from the north.  Ball walkers were their main force of heavy guns while the technologically lower human force deployed steam powered tanks and their Rollerbots to deal with them.

The Mechanica force used small scouting drones in an attempt to outflank the Navy’s traditional forces but they were halted by a stream of HMG fire and failed to get into the flank of the Navy.

Steam tanks patrolled the long lines of the streets leaving themselves exposed to the possibility of return fire without cover.

The Mechanica force refocussed their efforts on their right flank and began to reduce the Navy’s hold on the town square.

To counter the numbers of Mechanica troops gathered there, the Octo Divers (the Navy’s newest development in close warfare) were deployed to force the machines back.

Their efforts were effective at first, but they lacked any effective backup and were soon to be out numbered and overwhelmed.

All in all a great game.  Lots of fun and it has renewed my desire to get the remainder of my Navy force done so that I can get the Martians fully underway and ready for their first outing.

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