Fistful Of Kung Fu Boiler Suited Minions

These guys were on the ‘List’ from earlier this year.  Being older 7TV miniatures, they were packaged by Crooked Dice as a starter set of Minions and are still available to buy.

I got them a few years back at the Reading Game Show ‘Warfare’ when Crooked dice were moving from the 1st version of the game to the 2nd edition of their main rules. A lot of stuff at that time was being sold off slightly cheaper than normal by stockists.

The bases are due to get finished in the next week or so, so please excuse them for now…  The pack came with a good mix of figures, with heads supplied separately, so that they can be switched about for added variety.

As well as the standard ‘Goons with Guns’ you get a couple of lesser armed minions which can be leader types or security guards if you prefer.

They appear to be led by an officer who commands with a ‘will of steel’ and the help of Tom Selleck in his prime…

Lets not forget the need for an effective administration team…

I suspect these guys will get some good usage in other games as well. I have a hankering to get a couple of older infiltration style games out of the cupboard, and I may well need a security detail for door guard duty…

5 thoughts on “Fistful Of Kung Fu Boiler Suited Minions”

  1. Nice looking paints and models! What scale are they? I’m guessing they are a bit smaller than GW’s current 32mm stuff. They would be great for lots of games though.


    1. Thanks Faust, the 7TV stuff is a lot smaller than GW’s ranges. proper 28mm if you like. Slim bodies and small features too. Useful figures as you say as basic, boiler suited minions, are able to fit (at a push) anywhere from 1950s gangsters to near future sci-fi if required. I am thinking of using them for a number of games, from Fistful of Kung Fu to Scrappers or Rouge Stars.

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