Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Progress Made, More Plans Made

Stage 2 in the progress on the Armiger Warglaives is fitting the armour plating.  Simple all blue primer is all they are getting so that they match their Lords colour scheme.  I am nothing if not consistently lazy.

I may go back at some point and put some silver on a couple of rivets etc if I get time but that would be after the army is completed methinks…

Effective enough for a game ready miniature that is unlikely to get used too often (Space Marines will remain, as always, my main army in 40K).

I had time, when the wash was drying, to make the bases slightly more than a flat circle for these guys.  With a few off cuts of plastic rod and some items from the bits box they become so much less basic.  Again, nothing too fancy to be seen here.

With the decals applied, the colour level jumps back to normal and those flat blue plates become a little less boring.

These guys add up to about 41 power in 40K terms.  As we normally play about 75 – 100 power in a game I am about half way there in this army.

As it happens my local postie popped in with this fine box as I was writing this blog entry…

A quirk in the rules of the Codex is that you need at least 3 full sized Knights to gain any detachment Command points for the army (did I say ‘quirk’ I meant to say sales ploy…)

Luckily this boxed game gets you 2 Knight figures, and a nice bit of industrial scenery (always useful), for a retail price of £120.  I picked it up on eBay for about the same price as a single new Knight kit (£99).

It will add another 45 Power to my army, this means I can now field a full Knight force in our 75 power level games. In 100 power level games it leaves me a few points spare to spend on the allies that will be required to hold objectives, which is where knights seem to be lacking in this edition of the game…

9 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knights Progress Made, More Plans Made”

    1. Thanks TIM. I am enjoying your reminiscences lately, A familiar story in some ways and interesting how the real life/hobby balance fluctuates at times…
      Oh, and don’t worry, I’m on team Jolie. You have an open run if you want it 🙂

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