Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marine Reinforcements

Why spend time doing something relevant to the ‘here and now’ when you can do something that might be useful, if you are lucky, and you play the right game somewhere in the next month or two.

If I do get a game in in the next week or two it will most likely be a mission from the Kill Team Rulebook.

So why am I painting a Space Marine Dreadnought and a second unit of Terminators, that I cannot use in Kill team, and when I never field more than one unit at a time in a 40K game anyway?

The answer: I don’t know.

They just happened to be there on the shelf…

Why argue with fate…

This chap is an old lead GW Dreadnought that is equipped with twin close combat weapons.  Not a configuration that is usable in the latest Space Marine Codex.  Destined to languish on a shelf unused, this chap was last on the to do list!  Then I found that I could field a Chaplain Dreadnought with just this configuration.

Black paint job and a few skulls later, back in the running for a place in my next 40K army.

And 5 more terminators that needed to be finished (and used the same basing and washes) so got done as an add-on this time.

Any finished models are a welcome success, right?

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