Warhammer 40,000 – Harlequins For Kill Team

While I am spending time with my clippers, scalpel and glue. I guess it is inevitable that other kits might get completed.  Well, put together at least.

Where as the Gellerpox Infected might number in the teens as a full Kill Team, these Eldar Harlequins are slightly more ‘Elite’ so hardly any are needed.  Only six Players can be fielded as a full 100point force.  A £25 box of figures from GW doesn’t often supply you with everything you need.

In this case it doesn’t either, as to get the crew I wanted I would have needed to buy a second set just to get the weapon options I required… But with a slight compromise on weapon options, and some further juggling of points values, I managed to keep it at six figures and hold onto my sanity to boot.

The figures themselves are quite slight, as you might expect for elves in space.  It’s my first space elves, ever, so please don’t look too closely at how I built them.  To get a sensible pose out of them (not looking like they just tripped over) I was less than careful in checking the pieces used in their construction.

I am pretty sure some of the boys are now eunuchs and a few of the ladies might be packing a little more than you bargained for..

Either way, with a little paint on them they might not get noticed…

And NO, when it come to it, I will not be trying to paint diamond patterns on their tiny little limbs…

9 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Harlequins For Kill Team”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing this lot with some paint on them. I really enjoyed doing up a small force of Harlequins last year, and I didn’t bother painting teeny-tiny diamonds on their legs either.

    I didn’t even notice that there are different sets of legs for boys and girls to be honest, so I suppose that my troupe will be the same as yours. Perhaps I should go look them out and check!


    1. I remember your Harlequin painting exploits, have they seen a tabletop much since they were completed???
      I might have to look back at your Harlequin posts to see if the legs do actually match the torsos 🙂


      1. They’ve had a few outings in small games with my son. Mostly my experience has been that having a good invulnerable save is not much use against a load of Necron small-arms fire. That’s in 40K of course, so perhaps things will be different in Kill Team. The Skyweaver jet-bikes are quite entertaining though.


      2. Good to know they get used. No invulnerable save will protect you from too much small arms fire. 40K does so often focus on massed fire. Lets hope that the mere 2-3 shots in Kill team that might come my way each turn increases my survival chances…
        At just six figures I don’t feel like I have invested too much so far but I have a sneaking suspicion that this might end up as a 40K army sooner than I would like to admit…


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