Warhammer 40,000 – Helbrute

After my Soulgrinder (or, in my case, my Plague Hulk proxy) was finished, I decided to keep up the emphasis on larger models and pushed on with the painting to get the Helbrute done next.

This model was first seen on the blog back in November of 2017.  Such is the time warp within the shed.  So many good intentioned builds, even ones I spend a huge amount of time mounting magnets on.  So often lost in the mists of time – only to resurface when their star starts to rise again, a few years later.

So, you are going to get all the photos, of every variant I have for this model, so if that’s not your thing, scroll on a few times until you see some paint pots (go on, I won’t notice…)

First up, full firepower.  Autocannon and Missile Launcher – for when you want to wait for the enemy to come to you…

Full combat mode. One extra attack from the twin weapon combo and flamers mounted in each fist as you don’t always get to charge first.  It’s good to have a set of weapons that hit automatically when shooting at a charging foe.

The middle ground.  An Autocannon for longer range fire and a Power Scourge to get in a few extra attacks if you do have to close with the enemy.

As you saw just now, the model is almost complete, but I have to weather (liberally coat with a shade or ink) the thing before I get its base done.  I keep a fully stocked ink range, so I can supposedly fine tune my shade to match a range of base colours when needed.

In this case I need him to match the existing infantry, so a darker brown or black ink will be required, rather than the dark green or more subtle browns that might have been a better match to his base colours.

Just an aside, does anyone else find themselves thinking they need to find themselves a more reliable, regular drying rack.  One day I will make a magnetic, or tacky, shelf edge so I can stop having to do this…

If it looks odd, thats ok, as long as it works.  It does in this case…

Thats all the vehicles done towards my planned force for our next big game of Warhammer 40K.  Next up the remaining seven infantry figures (Grandfather Nurgle’s lucky number).  At this rate I might just get them done on time.

4 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Helbrute”

    1. All the options that count for me. The kit is nicely varied but the parts allow you to only pick 2 of each arm (not counting the missile pod that is a part on its own). Great for the close combat stuff but A touch limiting for the long range weapons on the right. I had the option of Autocannon, Bolter, Laser and Plasma I think. The Autocannons looked like the best all rounder… And just looked good too…


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