Another Tank Game Played And Lost.

My ever expanding collection of tanks got an outing again the other week.  This time it was a force focused entirely on armoured vehicles.  All that firepower…  How could I lose…


The table was set up as a mix of town and country (sounds like a magazine…)  and my tanks went off hunting their prey.


That prey was again a large force of Allied Shermans and that nasty tank destroyer that plagued me last time. The Allies were going for quantity to out gun my quality.

Their extra vehicles, however weak they may have been in comparison to my tanks, began to take their toll early on.


My King Tiger was feeling fairly invincible as it roamed across the town taking out Allied vehicles with almost every shot.


The Allies were almost as effective with their tank destroyer managing to land some very long range shots.  It was destined to be a shoot out between these two heavy hitters that settled things.


As my King Tiger nosed out from behind cover to find its target, the tank destroyer found its mark though…


One problem with quality is its lack of quantity. My 3 vehicle losses left me with only a single tank, and a command vehicle that was armed with machine guns.


The remaining Shermans closed in to claim the objectives and by the end of the game my last plucky panzer was so pinned it was unable to do anything (other than act as a target for more shots).  He did survive to end the game, with surprisingly minor damage, but unable to claim any of the objectives.


Overall another good game and a lesson in army construction.  Some times the side with the most guns will win against the supposedly better shots…

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