A Family Dispute In Miniature, Soon Settled By The Local Police!

Family.  Often the most difficult group of people you will ever meet.  Often your interests will clash.  When two mob bosses marry their interests and aspirations can lead to competition and conflict.

Picture Mr and Mrs M.


Mr M runs things north of the shed. A traditionalist and always supported by his goon squad (all with no fashion sense or understanding of camouflage).


Mrs M runs the south side with her band of bikini clad females. Far from traditional and all armed with automatic weapons and huge …smiles. Very distracting and great for getting the other mob guys to forget what they were doing just long enough to put two between their eyes.


Both think the other needs to be shown how to do things better.  So they agree on a wager.  Whoever takes the prize first, wins.


The prize in this case is the local security truck.  Its route easy to follow, and its cargo profitable and easy to fence.


The only risk comes from the local police who have a station right in the middle of the drivers route.

Mrs M made her move first as the van left its first pickup.  No finesse and no caution.  Shoot first work out how to get the doors open later…

The van runs for cover and to the safety of the police station.

All that gunfire attracts the interest of the local bobbies pretty quickly…


Out they pour, truncheons at the ready. (This is the UK you know…  Don’t worry though, the armed responders will be here in about an hour.)


As Mr M speeds in to try to steal back the initiative the first of the armed police finally turn up and start to fire their rubber bullets taking a few mobsters down.


As the standoff continues Mrs M runs out with a fierce look and a handbag to show those boys in blue what for.


When they show no signs of backing down in the face of her threatening eyebrows, she decides to run for cover.  Finding the injured Mr M hiding behind a wall she has two choices. She chooses to let love rule and stops to protect him.  Just as the bobbies with handcuffs rush in and manhandle her to the floor.


Its ‘Game Over’ for both Mr and Mrs M…  Attempted robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm…  Gonna be hard time for the M’s it would seem.

Sometimes no one wins!

Until next time…

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