Gaslands – Prep For Our Next Game (Score So Far +7)

As we have a Gaslands game planned for this week, I have just found time to rust up and varnish the last two cars in my original team.

A pickup truck with turret mounted rockets with an unarmed looking car finish the team off nicely with the options to go for a heavy or light ride.

I added a passenger hanging out of the window for a little extra detail as I was finishing up.  Makes it look a little less like a hot wheels car.

The Photo makes the rust on the front of the car a little bright.  Not so in real life…  This has been given equipment options that do not have to be modelled on the car. Grenades to throw out of the windows, along with a caltrop dropper and Nitro booster for a little extra speed mid game.

Together they add up to 50 cans so are a team in themselves.  I plan to use them for our next game. It will be interesting to see what tactics I have to employ without a ram on my side.

As I should really be focusing on the items on The Plan and this is no longer on that plan I have to be hard on myself and actually mark it down.

Score for post -1/ Total score +7

4 thoughts on “Gaslands – Prep For Our Next Game (Score So Far +7)”

  1. Looking nice, and I really like the touch of the driver hanging out of the window firing. Though, shouldn’t he be driving the car instead?

    It seems harsh to score yourself down for this since Gaslands has been on The Plan.

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    1. Thanks, why drive round the track when you can shoot at your opponents.

      The Plan might be ending as it’s not achieving much these days. I may need to return to a simple paint what I am playing theme again soon.


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