An Investment, A Fresh New Start Or A Change Of Home? The Decisions That Have Stopped Me In My Tracks…

There comes a point in every life where hard decisions have to be taken.  I am at that point now…

This blog has been part of my hobby life for over 4 years now and I hadn’t realised quite how much it meant to me until I realised that it was time to decide on its future.  Some might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything new in the last few weeks.

There is a reason for this…

My free WordPress plan has reached its 3GB storage capacity and, to continue to post here as before, I would need to upgrade to a new plan. There is a personal plan available that would allow me to add another 2-3 years, at my current posting rate, to the blog. Or do I take a more drastic, but cheaper, option and delete older images and posts to free up space allowing me to continue as before.

Upgrading on the cheapest plan appears to offer another 3GB of storage but that means in 2-3 years I would again need to increase the size of the plan at a further cost. From what I can work out, the cost (with one of the regular WordPress deals) would be about £100 a year (plan+retention of domain fee+domain cost).  I am not sure that I can justify paying that each year for a simple hobby blog…

I also worry that I will not be able to bring myself to delete any of the older images, however poor or unread my earlier posts may have been, as they make up the first chapters in my blogging history.

A decision needs to be made if I want to keep the blog in its normal format.


Or do I start again?  I can leave the current blog ‘as is’, as an archive that I can revisit and reference, and start a whole new blog.

Decisions need to be made…  I would welcome any thoughts or ideas you may have… I know that others have reached this point before me and I now call upon their wisdom.

A Not Very Merry Xmas But A Happy New Year

Its late afternoon on New Years Day and life seems to have finally settled back to an almost normal pace and stress level…  Now that I have said it out loud, as it were, I am likely to have tempted the fates, so watch this space for the next thing that hits the proverbial fan…

I was getting back to an almost semi regular posting schedule back at the start of December and foolishly thought that I might make it to the start of the new year with a list of completed bits and bobs. Albeit smaller projects and items…

Then my Daughter gave birth to my first grandchild. I can’t say for sure that I know exactly where the last 3 weeks have gone…  A healthy little girl popped out to meet us and sadly due to a complication just after her birth then spent her first 3 weeks of life (including her first Xmas) in various intensive care units and special care baby units. Until Sunday, when my Daughter finally managed to bring her home.

I cannot praise highly enough, the care and attention afforded to us all over the time she was under the care of the excellent midwives and nurses.

A real life little fighter (and she also comes pre-painted, so shouldn’t take up too much of my valuable hobby time…). Now, time to get back to the simpler things in life. Like trying to find where my plastic glue has gone from a locked shed after 3 weeks of being untouched.

A Lack Of Posts…

Evening Viewers…

Its been a while since I got a post up and more notable due to the fact that I was on a roll, 24 posts in 4 weeks… A record for me!

As ever, real life has taken over and I find myself not getting into the shed as often as I would like. That is unlikely to change in the next month so sadly you should not expect too much from me in the next weeks.

I will remain, as usual a viewer of your input, so please feel free to give me lots to read on your own blogs. While I cannot get out into the shed I will rely on you guys to entertain me.

When life settles down again I will endeavour to return the favour…


The New Year Plan – Mark II

Right, enough nonsense, down to business…  The plan is real.  It is based on a list we wrote whilst in the car on the way back from the Derby Worlds Show last year.  I have added to this some variables that I know that I will have to consider due to a couple of release dates in the next 3 months

The Plan

Play the following games in the next 3-6 months

  1. Bolt Action/ Konflikt ’47
  2. In Her Majesty’s Name/ Empire of the Dead
  3. Dust Tactics
  4. Gaslands
  5. Frostgrave
  6. Legends of the High Seas
  7. Fistful Of Kung Fu
  8. Steam Wars
  9. Blitzkrieg Commander (This one is only a maybe…)

New Games/ armies for release in early 2018

  1. Warhammer 40k Codex – Chaos Daemons – Nurgle Daemon Army

Painting and modelling needing to be done to achieve the list above

  1. Build and paint a third team for Gaslands (Including a War Rig)
  2. Put together and paint a pack of boiler suited minions from 7TV for use in Fistful of Kung Fu
  3. Paint at least 3 large Tripods, 3 small Tripods and 20 Martian infantry for Steam Wars
  4. Paint the Glotkin that has been sat on my shelf for a year, for the Nurgle Daemon Army
  5. Paint 20 plastic Plague Bearers, for the Nurgle Daemon Army
  6. Paint the, old and classic, metal Great unclean one on my shelf


  1. Anything Space Marine related
  2. Anything Steam Wars – Navy related
  3. Anything Death Guard related

Making A New Year Plan (Or A Rambling Set Of Unorganised Thoughts)

Well, as I am not getting much done I have had time on my hands to consider what things I should be doing, and while I am busy getting all that nothing done, I am also building up a healthy level of hobby guilt.

You probably know what it feels like…

Me: I should really start that ‘thing’ that I haven’t finished yet.

The Other Me: Ah, but this would be easier and it also needs doing.

Me: Good idea, I will do that instead.

The Other Me: Hang on though, this looks like it might be worth doing.

Me: Ah yes, we planned to have a game of that soon so I should tackle that first really.

The Other Me: Hold up, have you seen the time, don’t you have to be somewhere else soon?

Me:  Bugger, that’s right…  I can’t believe that have been in here for 2 hours and haven’t gotten anything done yet.

The Other Me:  Well, as you have to leave in the next hour you had best not start anything as you will only need to put it all away soon.  You know how easily you lose track of time when you get into something.

Me:  You are probably right, if I don’t have much time then I had best just tidy up this corner of the shed.

The Other Me:  Oh, what’s that?  I had forgotten that I had that…

A flustered English gent finally leaves an untidy shed in a frantic hurry. Already 30min late for the thing across town that he had promised his women folk that they would be at!  All to the sounds of a frustrated English lady bellowing from the house ‘but you said you were coming out an hour ago!’

Sound familiar?

Well, I plan to try to write a formal plan, a sort of plan of action for the first quarter of 2018.  Not a BIG PLAN that would cover everything but a plan that is achievable and likely to get done.  That plan will prioritise what gets done first


Item 1 Write up the plan…

Item 2 …  Oh, what’s that?  I had forgotten that I had that…

The To Do List. Quick Wins And Finishing Up Some Old Projects. 


So that leaves me with the real ‘To Do’ list.  This should be a list of projects that are achievable and that can be finished before February. (Some to be completed before January).

THE TO DO LIST! (in no particular order)

    • US Marines – Gyrocopters x2
    • US Marines – Jet Pack Troopers x10
    • US Marines – Wheelie Bots x3
    • US Marines – Steam Tanks x2
    • US Marines – Mortar Gun Carriage
    • Evil Snails x5
    • Giant Evil Snails x3
    • Harbour Terrain Boards x4
    • Harbour Wooden Fronts x6

So there it is.  Not huge but certainly not impossible.  Some need to be done before I get my next few games in. Others through the start of the new year.

Oh, and that’s not including those things that may turn up as Xmas presents:-)

The Not To Do List. What’s Not On My Priority List. 

Boring Post Warning!

Well now that I know where I stand with some of the projects in the shed I guess I need to make that ‘To Do’ list.  In a very negative style I will first identify all the projects that are ‘ongoing’ (read that as unfinished or just stuck or just too large and have never got started/ finished) then rule out a number of these projects that I know will still not get finished soon even if I restart them with good intentions…

They will get done in time, its just I don’t have the time at this point.  Coronasan’s loft full of lead appears to be full of these types of projects so I don’t feel alone in this phenomenon.  I wonder how many years some of his projects have waited?  There tend to be some projects that need time (and sometimes lots of other parts) before they come to fruition.

The issue in the shed, unlike some other spaces, is that it is where I ‘work’ and therefore the unfinished list sometimes feels to be looming over my shoulder when I begin something else… (Maybe that’s just my guilt looming).

So, here we have it, the ‘Not To Do’ list.

    • Martians – All of them
    • US Marines – Submersible
    • US Marines – Steamboat No.2
    • US Marines – Flying base for steamboat No.1
    • US Marines – Diving suit troopers
    • US Marines – Steam truck
    • US Marines – Troopers, Specialists, Artillery and Crew
    • US Marines – HMLS Gladstone
    • US Marines – Small Gun Drones
    • Giant worms
    • Cthon – Small worms
    • German heavy infantry
    • Night Terrors
    • Stables
    • Cricket Pavilion
    • Sci fi walkways
    • Bunker and lasers
    • German Army – All remaining units
    • Playmobil Cargo ship
    • Railway Set Tracks
    • Railway Set Trains
    • Gothic Ruins and Walls – Graveyard set
    • Modern powerboat
    • Tunnel Boards set (Huge Project)
    • Update Large Medieval/ Fantasy Army
    • Celtic warband for ‘of gods and mortals’
    • Oriental warband for Ronin
    • Modern Special Ops warband for Black Ops

As expected this list is long and painful to look at.  But if I take these out of the equation then my list of projects that I might get finished in the next month (or two) looks more achievable.  There are likely to be more unfinishable projects than this but they haven’t been looming lately…

Finally, an update…

Nothing since July. No new postings at all. I suppose an excuse is required, or at least a reason for being so lax.

I guess it has something to do with my current changes in workload (real work sadly, not shed work). It is also down to a laptop change (I cannot easily update the blog on my trusty old iPad).  The new laptop is useless I have to say.

I have to say though, the main reason for the lack of content is my generally jaded mind set of late.  It not only seems to have slowed my posting rate (maybe calling it a slowing is an understatement) but has also slowed my activities in the shed.

I noticed my views are not dropping off too badly even when I don’t post new content…  I even have a couple of new followers without adding anything for nearly 6 months… This activity has prompted me to revisit the blog today.

I am getting a few games played but not getting much painting or building done.  So… I am going to try to bump myself out of the rut I appear to be in, and get a few projects finished.  That should give me some quick successes and make me feel more positive about things.

This blog was initially started to help me motivate my activities and it has worked for the most part, so lets see if restarting the posting can make that happen again.

Lets see what happens!

Painting, Painting And More Painting. 

I am on holiday at present and have spent the last 2 days (while the weather was good) painting.   Lots and lots of painting has been done.  So much so that I cannot move my right arm without the fingers cramping up…

Sadly the painting I have been doing is all one colour and over larger surfaces than I am used to or happy with.

My small shed and all the fences (all 90 feet of it) have been done so far. Then just as my sunburn was developing nicely, we received a visit from the rain. The rain has not stopped since.  That has afforded me a brief respite, but as soon as it dries up, a third day of painting outside will commence.

I may get a small break from painting when I try to dig the post for our old rotary drier out of the ground. That will be nice..! (If I can move after that, I will be impressed)

The garden will look cleaner and the Steinberg Shed Space will last longer as a result, but I may not be fit for much myself.

Holidays, such fun…